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Inspired by the everyday family cooking that we grew up with and the traditional diner fare we love, you’ll feel at home while enjoying a great meal in our casual and relaxed dining room.  
Experience our attentive service and friendly atmosphere. 
Come in and see what makes us one of the most popular restaurants in town.     
The All American 

We are so happy to see the warm weather approaching.

We'd like to welcome back all of our college students and congratulations to all our graduates including our daughter Danielle, URI class of 2016!!! 

Thank you to all of you that came out for Mother's Day so we could take care of the specials ladies in our lives. Love you Mom!!

Service is even faster now that we have the brand new pancake grill. Light and fluffy cakes are flying off the griddle.

 Exited to chef up some delicious food for all of you. 

Hope to see you soon.

Mike and the Comets Crew.